Coaching Testimonials

“Laura has been an instrumental sounding board and coach for my presentation technique. Though much of my job involves public presentations, it can still be unnerving when the stakes are high or the crowd is new and the material is still a bit too fresh. Meeting with Laura and going through my slides one by one until they felt right helped build my confidence to the level I needed it to be. I have killed every presentation I’ve delivered after having met with Laura, she is an invaluable element of my professional skill building toolkit.”  

– Rachel S., Digital Strategist, International Marketing & Advertising.

“I connected with Laura at The Creativity Campus while in the midst of attempting to write my first novel.  I was in a place where I was finding the world of novel writing a bit of an isolating one and was keen to find someone to chat with who’s eyes wouldn’t glaze over as soon as I started talking about the nuances of the creative process.

Laura and The Creativity Campus was exactly what I needed.

From practical suggestions about guiding others towards respecting my writing environment, to going over chapter ideas with me when I was worried I had completely lost my way, Laura has been this rocksolid touchstone of encouragement and good advice.” 

– Carly W., Novelist and Entrepreneur.

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