Creativity FAQs

Creativity is pretty ambiguous – the questions below are some of the most common that we face but please, feel free to send in more using the form at the bottom of the page.

There are also videos and articles from leading business minds, educators and scientists on our Links page that may address some of your queries or curiosity.

My kids play and have art class at school – isn’t that enough?

It might be. The fact is everyone raises their kids differently, we all have different ideas of what is enough and maybe art and home play are enough for your son or daughter. Kids are often in a lot of extra curricular programs, ballet, tennis, soccer, hockey etc. All are great and develop important skills and talents.

The Creativity Camp develops skills that are different, and often complimentary, to specific physical and arts classes. The programs do so in a way that allows kids to be free of grades, goal scoring and level advancement. Every single person on earth is creative and our different lives allow us to cultivate and produce ideas that are totally unique.

The Creativity Campus is a place for your child to explore and learn about what forms of expression make them feel great so that as they grow up they will always have a creative space to turn to when they need a little peace and quiet.

I’m a banker (lawyer, doctor, entrepreneur, fire fighter, etc) – Why would I need to be more creative?

Creativity is not a skill that is limited to the “creative” professions. Cultivating your creativity through Creativity Camp will bring confidence that reflects in your presentations, it will teach your brain to use new pathways when considering problems and it will take you out of your daily 9-5 cycle which benefits both the clarity and quality of thought and idea generation. We are born creative but those who are most successful in their lives and businesses are the people who work at it.

If we’re all born creative then why do I have to work at it with The Creativity Campus?

Creativity is like a muscle – if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it. By developing your creative side through activities and play you build skills in critical thinking, teamwork, decision-making and bolster your creative confidence.

As a journalist I was creative within a financial news reporting context for years but that is only one aspect of creativity. I wasn’t singing or building with my hands. I wasn’t coming up with images using words or paint. By working our creative muscle in different ways we create and widen a variety of neural pathways which make coming up with new and innovative ideas or processes more common. Plus, it’s fun. Where in your life do you make time for play? When do you take time to let go of work and life and stress to do something that is just fun and feels great? We provide the programming and you just have to show up and participate.

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