About Laura

Head Shots 012-2A graduate in the masters of design program at OCAD University, a leading Canadian arts and design institution, Laura Stavro-Beauchamp is the founder of the Creativity Campus, a centre for creative exploration focused on creativity focused coaching and education for adults and children.

In addition to coaching and facilitating youth and adult creativity workshops, Laura is a writer, producer and digital designer fascinated by creativity and the potential for technology to enhance quality of life.

Her masters thesis focused on the potential for creative expression ,in group workshop settings, to foster traits of resilience in youth. The Create & Grow Strong series endeavours to learn from youth while giving them a chance to explore their creativity in the context of their lives and develop skills and resilience that they can apply elsewhere in their lives.

Details about the pilot project, located in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood, can be found in the Create & Grow Strong section of this website.

While pursuing her masters in design as a member of the Digital Futures Initiative, she was a research assistant for Tom Barker, internationally recognized educator, designer and technologist and a contracted researcher for OCAD’s entrepreneurship centre the Imagination Catalyst.

In Fall 2014 she travelled to the UK to work with internationally celebrated design firm Jason Bruges Studio on the concept design for an institutional project geared at enhancing the lives of hospitalized youth and their siblings. Laura has also studied under Shelly Berc, Alejandro Fogel and Eric Maisel.

Laura’s real passion is helping people to achieve their potential and her belief is that reconnecting with creativity is a quick and powerful route to doing so. Humans are hardwired to create – to dream up ideas and realize them – and doing so benefits not only happiness and confidence but also exercises the mind and positively affects critical thinking, general wellbeing and productivity.

Whether you’re considering coaching or workshops for yourself, your kids or your staff feel free to get in touch!

Feedback is always welcome.

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