A Friday Dance Party Anthem for Courage and Creation

Sara Bareilles released her new single “Brave” this week (video below) and it’s all about being courageous with ourselves.

As the lyrics run over the band practice you might be tempted to dismiss this as a poppy girl’s music video but there’s a real and important theme here. We all have that dismissive and critical voice (Brene Brown calls it our inner gremlin) that insists that we’re not good enough, not creative enough etc.

It’s funny because that voice is somehow always louder than the praise from colleagues, support from friends and general good vibes that are all around us if we pay attention. A huge part of creativity (as was the theme of Monday’s post) is about moving past that cranky voice inside and showing off what you’ve created.

That’s why this is today’s dance party anthem at The Creativity Campus. For ourselves, for our kids, for the development of amazing new ideas we need to be brave.

So – today, Friday take a creative chance. As Sara sings – “Let the words fall out…Show me how big your brave is”.

Turn up the volume and dance like no one’s watching.

Happy Friday!


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